Thanksgiving at Our House

My co-chef

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house, combining both sides of the family and maximizing our time.  I was nervous about cooking for so many people (20, to be exact), but it ended up being so low-stress!  My mother-in-law, Rebecca, made a bunch of side dishes and pies, and Andrew’s brother-in-law Nick made the turkey.  My mom contributed to the centerpieces, tablecloths, ham, and an appetizer.  I made two desserts, side dishes, a duck, and a rabbit.  Yes, we went unusual this Thanksgiving; but it all turned out pretty well!  The only negative is that I wasn’t able to get pictures of everyone seated at the table, ready for the feast.

Andrew getting the rabbit ready. Turns out, rabbit doesn't taste all that great.

Rabbit's ready to go in the oven!

Sweet potato meringue pie... it tastes better two days later.

Getting the duck ready; it turned out a little bit dry.

Table for twenty

Namecards---courtesy of the maple tree in the backyard


My sweet siblings--Kelly and Stephen

Andrew's aunt, Janet

Not the best picture... but Heather with her kids, Pops, and Andrew's dad

Max LOVED Harrison

Sweet crawling boy

Me with sweetie pie Max


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