Two Books

I finished The Help on Monday night, and The Book of Tomorrow on Tuesday night.  I have been a reading machine.

I had been looking forward to reading The Help for months, and when the book finally showed up on my doorstep, I started reading right away.  It was a really good story and I look forward to seeing the movie adaptation.  It certainly made me think deeply about the way life was just a few decades ago.  Our society has come a long way in regards to race relations, but as a friend of my mom’s said, we still have a ways to go.  I’m grateful for this book and the truth that it tells; I hope that it has caused others to take a good look at the way they feel about the differences—or similarities—of people who are “different”.  We are all just people, created and dearly loved by God.

The Book of Tomorrow was one that I just grabbed on a whim at the library and finished in less than one day.  It’s the story of Tamara, a sixteen year old, who is forced to leave her home and life as she knew it after her father’s suicide.  She and her mother move in with her aunt and uncle in the Irish countryside, where she discovers a diary that has every next day’s entry.  With the help of the diary, she discovers some family secrets, and moves past the shallow and selfish girl that she once was, to a less selfish, more giving young lady.

I’ll be honest, I usually hate books written about teenagers, from the perspective of said teenager (i.e. Twilight), but I really enjoyed this one.  I was on the edge of my seat near the end, and I really could not have guessed the ending if I tried.  While I could have done without the profanity, there wasn’t a great deal of it, and it was really well written.  Definitely a good read!


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