Feeling Crafty?

Apple picking in the boonies of North Georgia 🙂

Last month while visiting with my friend Stefanie in Athens, we went into a cute little vintage shop downtown.  In this cute little vintage shop they had lots of vintage items (duh!) as well as some products made by local artists and crafters.  One of these crafts that caught my eye was a jewelry board.  They were selling it for $20 and I told Stefanie, “I could totally do that for less than $20!”.  So last week I took my happy little self to Lowe’s and bought the supplies.

  1. Can of spraypaint ($6ish)
  2. Picture frame (from Goodwill $1.99)
  3. Wire ($6ish)
While working on my little craft, I found a use for the extra N-95 mask I was given during my fit test.

Amanda, don't look at how badly it fits 😉

So here’s how it went

I spray painted the frame light blue

I had a hard time finding a good spot to spray paint, because when I tried the grass, bugs kept finding their way onto the frame and into the paint, and I didn’t have enough cardboard to make a large enough space to use on the porch, so I ended up using the “treehouse” portion of the swingset.  Now it just has blue paint all over the floor.

I let it dry for a few hours before trying to put the wire in for the backing, but the wire refused to lay flat, so I had to lay books on it for a few days in an attempt to flatten it.  I took no pictures during my wire working moments—I was too busy getting beat up by it.  Seriously, I have cuts all over my arms and hands, and a serious gash on one of my fingers.

In the end, it looked like this!


I’m excited to finally have a place to display most of my jewelry in an organized way.  Sometimes I forget that I have certain items when I don’t see them everyday, so hopefully now I’ll remember them all!  I’m not a brilliant photographer, so it looks a lot better in person; I can’t wait to get our bathroom walls painted so that I can hang it up!


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