Some Quotes

I couldn’t fit these quotes in my review of Raised Right, but I still wanted to share them with you… so here are some of my favorites!

We can make political the things that are political, and make spiritual the things that are spiritual.  Sin and pain are spiritual—we treat them in a spiritual way.  Pray for the sinner.  Speak to the sinner.  Try to win the businessman from his greed and give him something else to live for.  Love the sinner—and not from behind a barricade but face to face.  But when injustice, robbery, and inequity are not just individual but institutional, it’s time to take a political stand.  The government can’t cure sin or heal pain; it can stop robbery and create laws that treat the poor justly.  And it’s our role to demand that our leaders do so… ‘Woe to those who prey on the widows and rob the fatherless. (p 210-211)

And another

Jesus didn’t say, ‘People who speak out against war will inherit the earth’; He said people who embody, in their character and soul, this strange and alien value of meekness will inherit the earth.  He didn’t say ‘Blessed are those who refuse to fight’ but blessed are those who make peace.  He didn’t say ‘Blessed are those who don’t kill’ but blessed are those who show mercy.  He didn’t call us simply to oppose positions that are wrong but to embody values that are heavenly… To be a peacemaker is to take up residence in no man’s land and become the person who ministers to the bleeding and wounded left behind, cultivates and inhabits the broken land.(p 108, 109)


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