Restless in Carolina–A Book Review

I had mixed feelings when I picked up the novel Restless in Carolina by Tamara Leigh; on the one hand I was excited because the main character is a “green” person, but on the other hand, the main character is also a young widow.  While I could definitely identify with the main character, Bridget’s, green nature, I never want to have to identify with her widowhood.

Anyway, Restless in Carolina tells the story of Bridget, who is looking for a “green” developer for her family’s ancestral land since they are being forced to sell it.  She finds developer JC Dirk, who may prove to be her family’s savior, as well as help her pull up her “widow’s weeds”…. or will he?

Like I said before, I was excited about this book because it focused on an environmentally aware woman, but I found that the story was a little difficult to get into.  The author opens the story at a family wedding and right away begins to introduce characters without explaining their relationship to the main character, which made for some confusion for me.  The author also introduced lots of topics and events without explaining those either.  I know she was building suspense, but it often made for more confusion.  As the storyline progressed, I did begin to enjoy it and root for Bridget and JC.

I wouldn’t give this book a rave review, but it was a good story about rising above tragedy and allowing God to heal your hurts.  You can read it for yourself by picking up a copy at  Don’t forget to rate my review on the Blogging for Books website!

I received this book for free as part of the Blogging for Books program from WaterBrook Multnomah; all opinions are 100% mine.


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