I love candles.  They smell nice and can transform my house into a springy meadow or autumn wood.  They can also clean your ears out.

What’s that?  Clean your ears?  Yes.  Yes, they can.  No, not the scented kind, but the kind you buy at health food stores can remove excess wax and infection from your ears.

My mom used to buy them every once in a while when we had an ear infection, but I haven’t used them in many years.  When I got a cold last week and my ears started to get clogged up, I really wanted to find some ear candles to relieve the pressure, but I never managed to get up to Chamberlain’s or Whole Foods to buy any.  Today I finally ran into CVS to see if they had any, but they ended up referring me to a health food store that is much closer than Whole Foods; and, I only paid $2.50 for each.  Now my ears feel splendid 🙂

Ear candles!



3 thoughts on “Candles

  1. It works like a vacuum when you light the top—drawing out wax and infectious junk. You can hear it crackle in your ear and it’s sooo cool! Once you’re done, you can even cut it open and see all of the nastiness that’s been sucked out 🙂

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