My very social husband

If you know my husband very well, you know that he is anti-social media.  Or at least, he was.  I want you to know that my very {loudly} anti-Facebook/anti-blog husband has embraced the concept of Twitter, a blog, and google+.  He has yet to embrace Facebook in all it’s fullness, though.

I called him from work yesterday just to say hi and see how his day was going when I asked him what he was up to.  He wouldn’t tell me, so naturally, I assumed it was something for my birthday.  It wasn’t.  But he still refused to tell me, saying that he was embarrassed and I’d have to ask him again later when I got home.  I was definitely intrigued and determined not to forget about it, but to bring it up as soon as I got home.

When I finally got home after having dinner with a friend, it was pretty late and so I got ready for bed right away, and then promptly hopped in bed.  At 11:00 I hadn’t fallen asleep yet, but I finally remembered to ask what Andrew had been working on.  He still didn’t want to tell me and was obviously embarrassed, but he eventually grabbed his computer to show me all of his new social networking pages.

I’m so proud. 🙂


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