Malawi-Day Eleven

Team Summit!

August 8

We have now begun the journey home.  Right now we are on a 2 hour flight from Lilongwe to Johannesburg and they are serving us drinks.  It was a very smooth morning, though we did leave Njewa a little late which ended up being no big deal in the end.


Saying good-bye to Steve, one of our translators, was difficult.  He has been so great and it has been incredible to watch him interact with these kids and their families.  It is so obvious that he loves them so much.  He started to cry as we all said our good-byes; I know that he was so grateful for the work that we had done with the special needs kids.  I don’t remember which COTN staffer it was, but one said that at one point on the trip, they came to understand just how much these children mean to God.  Amazing.  I am so blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful trip that really accomplished something big in a very short time.

I hope that I’ll be able to go back one day, but only if Andrew comes, too.  I just feel like he missed out on so much!

Last night one of our girls got really sick, so Kyle and I both tended to her separately—he with Zofran and me with remedies.  She was still pretty sick this morning; I hope she does okay on the flights!


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