Malawi-Day Ten

August 7

Today we went to church at a church that was planted by a church from San Diego {Flood Church}, that also has a team here.  It was so funny to drive up and see so many Azungus; I told one of the other team members that I thought we were supposed to be in Malawi.  It’s one of the few area churches with services in English, so it does attract a large white population.

Brianne with her girls

After church we came back to Njewa for a lunch for people who sponsor kids to have time with those sponsored children.  It was so fun to watch everyone have so much fun, although Carly and I stayed in the cabin for a good chunk of it to rest since neither of us sponsor a child through COTN {yet}.  Those kids are just so. dang. cute!!!

Once the kids left for their villages we left to go shopping.  O.M.G.  I do not like bartering!!!  The currency and exchange rate get me so confused that I ended up overpaying for everything.  As soon as the merchants see Azungus roll in, the price automatically takes a steep hike, but of course they act like you are robbing them when you low ball them.

Carly and me. I never should have wandered away from her!

At the end of our outing I was so mad at myself for wandering away from Carly when I heard what she payed for her things.  I got ripped off.  I ended up getting two Noah’s Arks, a mortar and pestle, and a very small drum for Andrew.  I completely forgot to get something for Stephen and Dad, though.  Yikes!  Hopefully I can find something in Johannesburg.


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