A Favor

My sister needs your help!  Tracy believes that she has been called to move to France to work with students in Paris through Campus Crusade for Christ, but the cost to get there is huge.  Please, please, pray that the Lord will provide her with the resources to get to Paris.

The following is a letter from her

Dear Friends,

I’m in Chicago on my last morning at briefing, preparing to check out the hotel and head to the airport. I’ll be extremely tired today especially emotionally, because I was awake most of the night, helping one of my best friends prepare to leave for East Asia. Over half of the STINT teams head out to their location immediately after briefing, but Paris is not one of them. Going back to Orlando is not something I’m excited about right now. I want to get to Paris so badly… the sense of urgency to share the Gospel to the French students has been heightened this week.

So here’s the update: I am behind on support, if you didn’t already know that. There are four people on my team: Maggie (team leader), Phil (team leader), Me, and Lydia. Phil and Lydia are at 100% so they will be heading to location on August 26th, on time. Maggie is at 53% and I am at 59%, so we will be staying behind. They have given us until September 12th to get up to 80%, in which our plane tickets will be purchased. I don’t think anyone besides Maggie knows the deep sorrow I felt during last night’s Commissioning service. While they commissioned our team, I begged and pleaded with the Lord to let me go. In doing so, I missed out on the opportunity to pray over my team while they were being commissioned… obviously I need some humility. But it was an amazing night! We have a lot of STINTERS who speak other languages, and there’s nothing more moving than hearing a group of Koreans pray. While we were commissioning the Central Asia team, I had each hand on the shoulder of one Korean young man and one Korean young woman. They faced each other and one prayed in English, and one prayed in Korean. At this point, all 400 STINTERS were praying aloud. But there was no way I could be captivated by any other prayers than these two. I want to pray with the passion and thanksgiving they do.

In order to go, I need to find many more financial ministry partners, who can commit to monthly giving. One breakdown of it, is 20 supporters, giving $100 a month, or smaller amounts with more supporters. This I know seems like an overwhelming amount, but Campus Crusade has time and time again proved to be good stewards of their money, including deciding support amounts. I am not exempt from things like taxes to the US (social security, FICA, etc), fees to France, health insurance, emergency evacuation plans, the exchange rate, and so many other costs that are included in my monthly goal.

The majority of you I am sending this to are already partnering with me financially, so please know how grateful I am for the sacrificing you are making to help me get to France. You get to take part in credit for every student I talk to over there. I cannot do this without you.

What I am asking, is for people to get on their knees and pray. I will get to Paris if we pray. The population of France is over 62,000,000 but only 286,000 are believers. We need to reach the future leaders of our world while they are still in college. This year alone, 400 STINTERS (me included) will go to 37 countries, and 65 cities outside the United States.

I have almost exhausted my list of names, and started calling businesses out of phone books. I will spend every moment I can to talking to people about support, I just need listeners. If you could go through your contacts and forward this email to people you work with, in your small groups, family, people you volunteer with, that could bring in the rest of my support.

I am so grateful to the Lord for the incredible community He has given me. I thank God for YOU!

“May God bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Tracy Brock
Staff Account: 0643733


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