*Today is THE Day*

Today I will board a plane going to South Africa.  I will leave behind my husband and family, and {most of} the comforts of home.  I will be stretched in ways that I do not yet even know and will meet dozens of new people whose lives are drastically different than mine.

Today I will be obedient to the call that Christ has placed on each of our lives—to go!  I’m still nervous and scared; but the excitement that others have for me is catching.

I know that the people of Malawi will probably teach me more than I could ever hope to teach them, but I do hope and pray that the Lord would use me to bless those I interact with in some small way.

What an adventure I have before me!  If you would like to read about our progress, please click here to head over to Summit’s blog where they will have some {probably sporadic} updates.  Please keep my team in your prayers, as well as the children and families to whom we will be ministering.  I can’t wait to share all about my trip when I return home.  Thank you for your partnership!!!!


2 thoughts on “*Today is THE Day*

  1. You are in my prayer.May our good Lord enable you and your team all the necessary good health ,comfort and encouragement.Take care.

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