Ridiculous Grace

Why do I continue to doubt God?  For serious.  He absolutely has called me to on this trip to Malawi and so I know that He will provide, but I continue to doubt!  And in spite of my doubt, He showers me with ridiculous grace.

I was feeling very down and sorry for myself when I wrote my last post—sorry about that—and today God just about knocked me over with grace in spite of myself.  No, I still won’t be able to communicate with Andrew while I’m overseas, but we’ll survive.  And in spite of my worries about finances, a dear friend and her husband felt led to give a substantial gift, and I’ve also received some generous gifts from family as well.

As I type this, I am still bowled over in disbelief and thankfulness.

Thank You, Lord for Your endless mercies.  You are so good to me!!!  Thank You for the honor of going on this trip, please help me to remember to trust You when I feel insecure—You are so much bigger than my insecurities!


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