You know that verse “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7)?  That always brings fishing to my mind.  I’ve really only fished once, but I remember not being very good as casting my line.  I was just a little kid and was unable to throw that lure very far; in the same way, I am still very terrible at casting my anxiety very far.

Today was our last informational meeting regarding my upcoming trip to Malawi before our big packing “party” a few days before we leave.  I don’t know what I expected walking in, but certainly not more anxiety.

I knew that I would not have phone/internet access regularly and that calling home would be a rare occurrence, but I did not expect that I would have zero contact with my husband for the duration of the trip.  Nope.  That was a curveball.  Our group leaders will be blogging about our trip as they are able, but there will be no personal communication—at all.  I know it’s only 12 days, but I’ve never gone that long without talking to Andrew in the 6 years that we have been together.  During the meeting after this lack of communication was revealed, I felt my face getting red and my body breaking out into a cold sweat; I was trying so hard to keep it together in front of 30 people but I’m pretty certain that I still looked visibly upset.

Also, the only recommended bug spray has DEET in it.  DEET scares me.

We’re going to be swimming in Lake Malawi.  I was told by a South African physician “Do not get in the water!”  The other nurse on the trip was told the same thing; although when I asked about this at today’s meeting they said that they’ve never had problems.  Still don’t know what that will mean for us once we’re there, though.

At the end of the meeting they took everyone aside individually to talk about the balance owed.  It’s very overwhelming to have someone ask you how you plan to pay for the remainder of the balance.  Oh, and it’s due July 27.

Yup, I’m feeling like a very bad fisherman right now.  Please pray that I would relinquish my fears and allow our Mighty God to do His work.


3 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. I’m not surprised that you won’t have any contact with Andrew during the trip. That sucks, but in remote parts of Africa like that, it’s very difficult to get messages in or out. When I went to Kenya with my church, my one link to the world back home was one slow hostel computer that was shared with the rest of the hostel, and we were only there for 2 nights during the 11 day trip. I pray God gives you and Andrew the strength to stay strong during that time.

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