Zip Line!

Today my whole family ventured out to go zip lining for my Dad’s birthday/Father’s Day gift.  In a large family with adult children, it can be very difficult to get everyone together, and since we were all there today, that just made it all the more special.

Since we live in Florida and it is summer, I was half expecting to have to get a rain check because of, well, rain.  However, the bad weather held off until the drive home and we had a great time zip lining!  Although it was hot, it certainly wasn’t as hot and humid as it could have been, which meant a much more enjoyable time for us.

Zip lining was great, but another cool thing about the ranch the line is on is that they raise their own free-range, grass fed cattle, and they serve it in their restaurant.  I wish that I could have bought some to bring home, but they said that they don’t sell it 😦

It was a really fun day!


One thought on “Zip Line!

  1. Since we live in TX, there are many cattle farms around here that sell whole cows and half cows etc. Ivan has have thought of actually buying a half cow of the organic/grassfed. However, when we priced it out… it is almost the same as what you get in the store although in the store you get the specific cuts that you want. That is pretty neat thought that the restaurant served that… not many placed do that these days.

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