And one leads to another…

I just decided that I’m {mostly} okay with being immunized against typhoid as long as I can get the oral vaccine.  Although there are several things that still make me nervous about it, namely “Long-term studies in animals with Vivotif have not been performed to evaluate carcinogenic potential, mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility.”

When I read that quote I immediately thought that there was no way that I would allow this to be put in my body, but then I read the ingredient list.  All in all it looked pretty benign until I read that it has magnesium stearate in it.  Now, never having heard of this particular compound, I looked it up.  What I read definitely did not make me feel good, there are lots of articles that say that it’s really not good for you, yet is found in many food supplements sold in today’s market.  Sure enough, I grabbed my “organic” multivitamins and guess what was on the label.  Magnesium stearate.

*Shrug of shoulders*

I figure that I will finish this bottle of vitamins and then throw it out, but as long as I’m currently putting it in my body… what’s one more pill (even if it does have an inactivated typhoid strain)?


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