Answering the Call

Okay, I’m going to Malawi.  God has been sending me some pretty clear signs that I am supposed to go and that He has ordained this, so it’s time for me to answer the call and stop fighting Him.

I know that God has called me to do this, but I’m still scared to go.  I mean, I’m really excited about the idea, but I’m not enthralled with some of the more practical aspects of the trip.  For instance, I’m not excited that there are crocodiles in the lakes, that I will have to get a vaccine (still debating), that it costs a lot of money, that I will be away from Andrew for nearly two weeks, that I will be surrounded by flies, that I might not have access to a real bathroom, that I might not have a real bed, etc.  But I also know that in spite of my insecurities, fears, and failings, God is going to be at work.  He is going to move me and others.  And He will provide!

Ahhh!!!  I’m going to Malawi!!!


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