It’s Gone on Long Enough

Bath & Body Works, I have allowed myself to be duped for too long

My love affair with Bath & Body Works products, that is.

I drew a bath for myself the other night and used their Aromatherapy Sleep Bath Milk.  Then I read the ingredients.  Yikes!  Parabens, preservates, and carcinogens galore!

After the initial shock, I did enjoy a very nice bath, but then decided that I enjoy being cancer-free more than I enjoy being immersed in toxic chemical that smell nice.  However, I am a {relatively} thrifty person, so I decided that as soon as I run out of those chemical laden bath products, I will not restock with that same brand.

But I can’t tear myself away from the White Barn candles.  They just smell too wonderful.


One thought on “It’s Gone on Long Enough

  1. yup… I know the feeling. I have been eating a lot of all natural and organic foods lately (I had to switch to a few more all natural just because my budget can’t handle all organic). Then… when I looked at my favorite bath and body works bubble bath I was shocked! (I take a bath almost every night too). I think I will be getting a bubble bath from Whole foods next time I am there or maybe ordering one online… that has a bit less chemicals

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