A Look Back

One year ago today Summer went to be with the Lord.  No one was prepared for her death, it was just too soon.

Summer was a fighter.  Her battles were innumerable, but she was surrounded by people who loved her and gave her strength.  She was so deeply loved.  Her parents were her constant champions and advocates, never losing hope, and they helped her achieve success.

Summer and her family changed my life, and especially my nursing career.  I will never forget the challenges, the heartaches, and the joys of taking care of Summer; I will forever cherish my memories of her and the lessons she taught me.

So much changes in a year.  So much could have changed for her this year.  I wish that I could see what she would be doing now.  How would she have grown and excelled?  What would have been her challenges this year?  What would she look like now?  I miss being able to hold her, talking and singing to her, and letting her know what a cherished baby she is.

I miss her and my heart still aches when I remember that I won’t see her again this side of Heaven, but my heart mostly aches for her family.  They are the ones who feel most cheated out of time with their little girl, and their hurt will lessen with time, but will never go away.

One year can make a big difference.  You learn to live with grief and how to lessen it.  You learn to cope with sadness and move on with life.

A lot can happen in one year.


One thought on “A Look Back

  1. I remember the day Summer left. Nadine was crying as she discharged her. Summer’s sunglasses kept falling off her face along with her binky. What a sweet little girl. And I remember how well you took care of them and advocated for those girls (many people strayed away from having such a difficult assignment).
    Yes, a lot can happen in one year. I’ve been thinking about this lately….a year is nothin when it comes to time! It just flies by. I remember when my uncle died of brain cancer…..and it was heart breaking for me to think that life just goes on without him. The Lord reminds us our days are numbered….let’s take advantage of today!

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