There are four children in my family; I am the oldest, followed by two sisters and a brother.  We are four in nine years, which {ahem} may or may not have contributed hugely to my typically first-born personality.  When my brother was born I was all about taking care of him, but then again, we all were.  My mom actually had to set a timer so that our holding time would be fair.

Tracy is 2.25 years younger than myself, tall, and blonde.  She is a very hardworking, generous, intelligent, and social person.  Right now she is in school full-time, works 30 hours a week at Pottery Barn, and babysits for several families on a regular basis.  Oh, and she is also very active in Campus Crusade for Christ at school.  Listening to her to describe her schedule is completely exhausting and I can’t imagine living it out on a daily basis.

We didn’t get along well at all growing up, and my treatment of her is something that I am heartily ashamed of; but I am so proud of the hardworking, generous, godly woman that she has become.  I hope that the coming years and maturity on both our parts will lead to a close relationship.  I have always admired sisters who have strong friendships and hope that one day Tracy and I will be examples of that as well.

Kelly is 5 years behind me and a freshman at the university I really don’t like {when it comes to sports}.  She is another tall one, brunette, super athletic, sweet, demure, and altogether lovely.  When she’s not studying her buns off, she works part-time at Crispers and has a full social life.  When she was little, Kelly was obsessed with belly buttons.  It was always a mistake to wear a two-piece bathing suit when she was around because she was forever running around and poking our midriffs.  I’m really glad that she’s outgrown that obsession—but she currently loves weaseling massages out of obliging {or not so obliging} family members.

This brings us to Stephen, the much beloved baby of the family.  He is a soft-spoken {seriously}, even-tempered {like whoa}, all-star athlete, all boy, genuine, tall, sweet boy.  He’s a freshman in high school this year and I think that the level of academia at Boone was completely surprising to him.  He’s a smart kid, but, like our father in high school, requires significant motivation.  I’m hoping he decides that education is a worthwhile pursuit before he gets to college.  He’s at his first Sadie Hawkins dance tonight.  The stud actually had two girls ask him to go—he chose the second girl.  I definitely think he will date much more in high school than the girls did {which won’t be difficult}.

I’m so proud of my sisters and brother and the godly people that they are growing up to be.

Mi familia


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