Adventures in Quilting

As you may {or may not} remember, I recently dove into a new venture–quilting.  I made quilts for my nieces and nephews for their Christmas presents, partially as a tribute to my own aunts who did the same for me when I was little.

The quilt that my Aunt Kathy made

There is just nothing like the comfort that a homemade quilt brings.  Yes, store bought blankets are beautiful, soft, and cuddly, but a blanket made as a labor of love is all of those things and then some.  I’ll always remember cuddling up with my blankies on long trips, when I wasn’t feeling well, and every night after being tucked into bed.  I even had a particular order and manner in which the blankets had to be laid in order to have a blissful night’s sleep.  In fact, I still have my baby quilts.  They are much loved, but still intact and still beloved.

I finished Evan's first

Memories of sweet times and the love I always felt assured of when I was wrapped in those blankets left me with a desire to make quilts for my nieces and nephews.  It took me quite a while to finally do it.  When Isabella was born almost three years ago, I wanted to, but since I was still just a girlfriend and not actually related, I thought it was too early.  When Olivia and Evan came along, I was just lazy.  So I decided that I needed to kick it into high gear and make three quilts within two months for Christmas presents!  Very ambitious, but with the help of my wonderful momma and Jo-Ann Fabrics, I achieved my goal.

Then Isabella's

And finally, Olivia's

I will admit that I cheated a little bit with these quilts.  {Shh!! Don’t tell the kids!}  Jo-Ann’s sells several “nearly made” quilts that come with the front already put together; all you have to do is pick a back and sew them together.  I added an embellishment with some sewing floss to help the quilts to stay even longer and they turned out really well.  I consider it a successful foray into quilting.

For my next project, however, I am going to make Max’s {unborn nephew, due March 30} quilt a little more complicated.  I plan on making it from scratch.  Yikes!  Mom and I went out today to pick the fabric with a picture of Max’s nursery and after about two hours roaming the aisles, we finally picked these fabrics.  His nursery is decorated with owls, so I’m considering making an owl and putting that on the front of the quilt, we’ll just have to see how it goes, though.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Quilting

  1. Love the fabric you picked out! It is going to look great. I have an owl pattern if you want it for the front of the quilt – it is pretty simple. Let me know!!!

  2. This is a really neat project! My mom does a lot of sewing (used to make clothes for me and my sister when I was a kid). I wish I had here nearby so we could do fun projects like this! I think I would be too nervous to attempt something like this on my own.. haha.. You did a really great job though. They really will be something loved for years to come. My mom still has quilts (on a quilt rack because of their age) from her great great grandmother. It is really neat. 🙂

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