A little corn never hurt anyone

Today I finished reading Christmas Letters, a compilation of four of whatever is in between a novella and a short story, written by four different authors.  The four stories follow four different couples at Christmastime during World War II.  Three of the four stories involve soldiers and their girls, while one oddball story follows a young Japanese-American woman and her beau who are interred in a camp.

Each of the stories was sweet, but everything that you expect in a Christian romance novel—nonstop, mushy cheese and corn.  I do have to say, though, that my favorite story was written by Kathleen Paul, aka Donita K. Paul.  This particular story follows Betsy, a young lady with a stutter who befriends a forlorn soldier after he comes home from the war with the news that her fake fiance has been killed in action.  Betsy helps the solder, a sergeant find his way back to the Lord and they fall in love.

I don’t think that I can highly recommend this particular book since it didn’t “rock my world”, but it was a quick read, and as the title of this post said… a little corn never hurt anyone.


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