Oh, the sickness!!!

Last week, my dear husband started to get sick and even left school early.  If I didn’t already know that he wasn’t feeling 100%, that certainly would have tipped me off since he never skips class.  He has become the model student and hates missing school since it means so much to make up.

Well, two days later I woke up with a sore throat.  A day or so after that (Saturday) I developed a cough and stuffy nose.  I worked that day and took lots of theraflu.  Andrew developed a fever that day, so I told my boss that I would probably be calling out of work on Monday since I knew I would be following Andrew’s course.  She thought I was joking.

Sunday we stayed home from church.  I called my boss to tell her that I would not be there on Monday.  On Monday I developed a fever and felt like poo all day.  The last time I checked my temperature it was 102 right before I fell asleep.  I was supposed to work today, too, but called in again.

When I first woke up I thought I was feeling better, but after a quick run to the post office, you could knock me over with a feather.

To top all of this off, I was on my period.  Boo!

I did decide, though, that I am soooo glad that I don’t have kids right now!  I cannot image feeling this awful and still have to take care of someone 24/7.

All of you who have kids are superwomen!!


One thought on “Oh, the sickness!!!

  1. I do hope you all feel better soon, it’s never fun to be sick! (although, I’ll admit, one of my first thoughts was, “at least she doesn’t haven’t to take care of any kids while she’s sick!”) 🙂 The Lord gives you the strength for dealing with that…

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