Yummy Spinach Quiche

I don’t know about you, but I love a good quiche.  For me, quiche is not simply a breakfast item; I love it for all meals!  My mom used to make quiche lorraine pretty frequently which was great then, but since I really don’t care much for bacon/sausage anymore, I have turned to spinach quiche.

Such quichey goodness!

My favorite recipe goes a little bit like this:

  • Brown as much onion as you want (I use about 1/2-1 large onion) on low heat in about 1 tbsp of butter
  • Add several cloves of minced garlic (use chunkier pieces so they don’t burn) once the onions are moderately brown
  • After a few minutes, add one thawed and drained package of frozen spinach and a large handful of cheese (I use Publix’s five cheese blend)
  • In a bowl, beat four eggs and a half cup of milk.  Add some herbs and spices to taste.
  • I don’t use a crust because it really just adds a ton of calories and fat and not too much flavor or nutrition.  Instead, I simply pour the spinach mixture into a glass pie dish and then add the egg mixture, being sure to mix it around so the egg doesn’t just sit on top.
  • I use a convection toaster oven, so it cooks at 350 for 50ish minutes.  Sometimes I’ll take the quiche out after about ten minutes to top it with some more cheese and then pop it back in for the rest of the time.


I’ve made two out of three meals for this week successfully… but I’m not holding out hope for the third since I didn’t feel like making a trip out to get more eggs on Friday night 🙂


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