Say What???

I’m studying for my certification exam and came across a little section about labor pain.  My textbook offers several options for non-pharmacologic interventions including water birth, massage, and sterile water injections into the back.  Say whhhaaat???  I had never heard of such a thing, but sure enough I read this abstract which confirms that it actually is a viable option to treat labor pain.

You learn something new everyday.


4 thoughts on “Say What???

  1. The information on this procedure was in the handbook my midwife gave me early on in my care. 🙂 It is apparently good for experiencing back labor. On many of the natural birth sites I sort of keep up on, Nitrous Oxide is apparently a great and safe option for managing labor pain, but not used in the US yet.

    • Cool! I didn’t know that about the nitric…. I think I would be hesitant to use it, though, because its potential side effects are very scary.

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