Big Red Bus

I don’t think that I will be visiting the big red bus again for a while.  It tried to knock me out today.

You see, after they had taken three units of blood from me, I proceeded to get up and walk to the door, anxious to get back to work since I knew that my babies would be hungry.  All was well until I opened the door after a short struggle (the thing just did not want to open!!) and stepped out onto the steps.  It was then that the stairs decided that they should rise up to meet me.  I did not pass out, I did not grow faint–I slipped.  I fell smack dab on my back, scraped my left elbow and banged up my hands.  Thankfully, none of my coworkers were around to watch this embarrassing moment, but the blood bank lady did and after much protest on my part, brought me back up the stairs and inside.  Thinking that I had passed out, they then proceeded to wipe me down with a cold wet towel, even though I was actually quite cold.  After a few minutes, I really did need to get out of that bus and back to work, so I tentatively opened the door and again stepped out into the cold.  I actually made it to the ground in the correct manner this time.  At the same time that I walked out, a secretary from my unit was passing by and asked “Are you okay?”

“Why?!” I asked, “Did someone call?!?!?”

“No,” she replied, “I’m just out walking.”

“Oh, okay.”

I then walked back to the unit very quickly where I met my coworker Angela.  She tried to give blood, too, but because she had recently been out of the country, they would not let her give.  The first thing she said was, “Are you okay?”  The same conversation followed, except I actually had to tell her the truth.  She then had to tell the charge nurse, who then had to fill out an employee injury report.

We all had a good laugh and I am very thankful that I landed on a spot on my back that is not metallic.  Tonight, though, I am taking some precautions to make sure that I am not doubled over in pain tomorrow.

The next two days at work should prove very interesting.


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