A Radical Life?

I’ve been reading Radical by David Platt for the past few weeks, and by reading I mean glossing over snippets a few minutes at a time when I’ve had a free moment at work.  As you may have come to realize, if any book is difficult or challenging in its subject matter, it is pretty much a guarantee that I will not devour the book.  In fact, it will most likely take me several months to read.  This is not a good thing and I have tried to improve (i.e. my project of reading a book a week), though unsuccessfully.  I really do need to finish this book this week though, since I received it for free and need to post a review in order to hold up my end of the deal.

Anyway, without actually giving a review of the book now, but trying to work through some of the thoughts I have read and now must process, I write this post.  The question that I keep asking myself is “now what?”  What am I supposed to do with what I have read?  What will I do to impact the world around me for Christ and His kingdom?  My traditional response has always been that I will live my life in a way that honors Christ, but that is a little bit hollow because it is only sentiment, not action.  So what is my plan?  Will I simply have a good attitude at work when crazy people act like they are the only people on this earth?  Will I give all that I possess to the poor?  What will I do with Jesus?


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