Day Two

In front of the train

Friday was another fun day in Colorado Springs.  We took it easy in the morning, visiting a local Kohl’s and doing some shopping.  At noon we boarded the Cog Train to Pike’s Peak.  We didn’t know it, but the road up to the peak closed a few days before, and it was a good thing because winds were upwards of 80 miles per hour and I would not have wanted to drive in that wind!  Because the winds were so high, we were only able to get to about 12,000

feet, 2,000 short of the peak.  We sat next to two gentlemen, one from Florida and one who was local who told us more about the history of Pike’s Peak and the different trails you can take to getto the top.  I’m definitely adding climbing Pike’s Peak to my bucket list; there are several different trails and you can climb it in as little as 4 hours!  The trip up was very pleasant and we saw lots of different rock formations.  It almost looks as if God took a handful of {huge} rocks and just threw them asunder.  So cool, and the views of the surrounding areas are absolutely stunning!


After Pike’s Peak, we went to Old Colorado City which has lots of little shops and reminded me a lot of St. Augustine.  We stopped at a French Bakery and paid too much for a pecan roll and chocolate croissant… oh well!  Then we walked into a few little stores before finding The Honey Cottage where probably spent 20 minutes browsing through all different types of honey from Florida {haha… I was not going to travel all this way only to buy honey from my home state} to high elevation spots in Colorado and talking to the owner of the shop, who also happened to be from Florida.  It is a really tiny little store, but really cute and the shop owner is very nice.

Excellent performance

Once we were done shopping, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the USAFA Choir’s performance of Handel’s Messiah.  When we stopped by the Academy on Wednesday, the lady who worked there said that in her ten years of working there, she had never seen the concert full and that we would have no trouble finding a seat.  Boy, was she wrong!  We arrived right on time and the place was jam packed.  Some spots of the performance were a little rough, but overall they did a great job and Mom and I really enjoyed it.

What a great day in Colorado Springs!


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