Colorado Springs

Mom and I in the Houston airport waiting for our plane... they had to replace the brakes

Well, Mom and I have been in Colorado Springs for about 24 hours now and we have had such a great time!  Last night our plane arrived about half an hour late, no big deal, but it was already dark outside at 5 pm!!  At least the extra time on the plane gave us the opportunity to finish Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball, the book that this sweepstakes is promoting (I’ll write more about that in another post).  We came straight to the hotel, unpacked, exercised, got some dinner, and started picking out what we wanted to see and do today.

Me in front of the Cadet Chapel

First thing this morning we grabbed some breakfast and then headed out to the United States Air Force Academy.  It was a little different than I expected, no Cadets walking around (they were all in class), not much in the way of landscaping, and deserted!  In spite of the sparse landscaping, the campus was beautiful; I can only imagine that it is even more gorgeous in spring/summer when everything is actually green.  We took our time, stopping at the BX to stock up on bottled water and some other necessities before we stopped at the Community Chapel for a quick second.  There we saw some patches of snow {read ice} before we headed off to the Visitor’s Center.  We saw some lovely views of the mountains on our “hike” to the Cadet Chapel and even managed to catch a glimpse of a few Cadets.  The top floor (behind me) is the Protestant Chapel which has a huge pipe organ, and the floor beneath that is the Catholic Chapel.  Behind that are the Jewish and Buddhist Chapels.  The Jewish Chapel was a smallish but pretty round room, and the Buddhist Chapel was about the size of a bedroom with pillow on the floor for meditation.  We’re planning on going back tomorrow night to listen to the Cadet’s sing Handel’s Messiah.  I’m excited to have something to do after dark since we can’t really do anything else!

Mom, me, Donita, and Evangeline

After the Chapel, we quickly changed our clothes before heading off to Zio’s to meet author Donita K. Paul and her daughter Evangeline Denmark.  We had a lovely time chatting with them and could have spent the whole day hanging out with them.  Both ladies were very nice and we engaged in conversation easily.  Donita was so sweet and brought us a gift bag with a few of her books and some jewelry that she has started making.  Check out her website and Evangeline’s blog if you have a few minutes, they are really neat ladies.

After lunch we headed out to Garden of the Gods, a very rocky park that is F.R.E.E.!! {My mom has been making fun of me for being a little cheap on this trip, but I want to make sure that our money stretches!!}  We arrived just before the sun started setting (about 3:30) so we walked around for a while to see the big rock formations, and then drove around the rest of the park.

On our way out of Garden of the Gods we ended up passing through Manitou Springs, so we stopped for a few minutes to see the cute little shops that they had.  During lunch with Donita, she warned us that there were a lot of Wiccans in the area, and we did see some of their influence.  We didn’t spend too long there, but did stop in a chocolate shop and bought some really yummy chocolate mousse cupcakes.  We had some leftovers that we meant to eat for dinner… but ended up just eating the cupcakes 🙂



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