I was so sneaky for about ten days while planning Andrew’s surprise party.  I turned the computer away when checking RSVPs, made phone calls and texts when he wasn’t around.  I had it all set.  He had no clue what was going on {I did way better than the last surprise party}.

People were assembled in the house, just talking and waiting.  We knew when to expect him (there was traffic on 1-4 because of the Magic game so he should be delayed).  All of a sudden we hear him say, “What’s going on here?!”  to which we replied {out of sync} “Surprise!!!!”  {Crickets}

Very anticlimactic.

Then I told him about his next surprise.  You see, in order to get him out of the house, I had his friend Preston invite him over to play the Playstation Move, Preston’s new game.  But what Andrew didn’t know was that the Move was actually his!  He was so excited when I told him.  He had been asking for the Move for many months and really had no hopes of getting it… surprise!!!!

Andrew and the guests played with his new toy for hours.  I ended up telling one of the girls there that anyone who played would be ten pound lighter the next day because of how intense it was.  It was so much fun to watch them play!

It was a lot of work to pull all of this together.  Between cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking, I was busy all day and ate breakfast around nine and then nothing else until 6:30 but it was worth it to see him have so much fun.

We are so blessed with such wonderful family and friends!


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