I’ve wanted to share some pictures with you just in case you were ever curious as to exactly what my bionic back looks like, but because my camera is broken {boo!}, I had to wait until I had access to someone else’s camera.

This is what you would see from the front if you had x-ray vision.

Doesn’t it look like there is cheese grater in there?  The next picture is the real doozy.

Well, golly, no wonder my back hurts sometimes!

Let's put this in perspective

Every time I look at these x-rays I am still amazed that God gave us {well, someone else, not me} the genius to be able to do this!  When my brother told me earlier this week that he hated math and science and didn’t see a need to learn it, I pointed out that without math and science, I would be paralyzed right now.  I am so grateful for those who have dedicated their lives to discovering new technologies that allow countless people who would have faced lifelong disabilities lead normal lives!


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