Think About It

I am not anti all vaccines… but I am becoming increasingly pro education and anti needless medical intervention.

With that in mind, I give you this.


2 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. I have always been against many vaccines. Actually my parents have been to (which caused a huge problem between Dr. P and my mom when Ivan and I were dating)… lol

  2. Educate before you vaccinate! 🙂

    I would never tell someone what to do in regards to vaccinating themselves or their children, but you HAVE to be educated, and not just news stories from CNN or what Paul Offit tells you to do. Dig deep and hear both sides. Then make your choice. There are going to be risks no matter what, so it is up to an individual family what risks they are comfortable with and what they are not comfortable with. I am actually a little floored to think that a lot of parents just do what their pediatrician says without asking any questions.

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