I am so thankful for the provision of the hand of God right now.  Well, I’m always thankful that He provides, but this week He chose to make His provision more especially known.

Earlier this year I got a bill in the mail for an MRI that I had in July of 2008 for over $2,000.  I had no idea how we would pay for this and so set out right away to battle it out between two insurance companies.  Honestly, if you’re covered with two insurances, one should pay, right?  No, unfortunately.  Only last week after months and months of battling out over the phone and via mail did one of the companies agree to pay what would have been my copay had the MRI been done where the other company wanted it {$100} and was told that I would be responsible for the remainder of the bill.  That left me with still $2000 to pay if they decided I was responsible for the whole bill instead of what the insurance company itself would pay, which in this case would have been over $500 {they never ever pay the whole bill}.  Anyway, I got a call at work this week from the place that did the MRI telling me that I am not responsible for any part of the bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could have cried.

Thank You, Lord, for Your hand of provision and grace!!


One thought on “Wonderful

  1. That is wonderful!Isn’t it cool to see how the Lord provides when we think we are in an impossible situation?
    The Lord just recently provided me with a brand new computer. I had a 3 year old Macbook, and I knew it was slowly dying, and because it is my main social outlet I was really getting worried about what I would do when it died. There is no $$ for a new one. I talked to the Lord about it, and a week before my Apple Care was up, the screen developed a bad flicker. I had it repaired..once, twice, three times. It still wasn’t fixed, and my Apple Care had expired 😦 But because the problem happened while still covered, they sent me a brand new MacBook. So Cool.

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