Stand Up

Last night I stayed up way too late watching Inglorious Basterds with Andrew.  I had never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie and so I was completely naive when the movie began.  Apparently the guy has a reputation for an affinity toward gratuitous violence in his movies.  Well, I had no idea what I was in for.  I had to shield my eyes and cover my ears for about 25% of the movie just because I had no desire to have nightmares or have those scenes pop into my consciousness when I least want them.

Aside from the needlessly shown violence, the movie was actually very good.  Good acting, good directing, dialogue and special effects; in fact, it was done well enough to make me really think.  In one of the first scenes a French farmer gives up the Jewish family that is hiding underneath his floorboards when he is cornered by an incredibly evil and gifted Nazi who knows exactly where they are.  The farmer was given the option to point out the area where the Jewish family was hiding and save his own family, or let the Nazi tear his house apart and face the consequences of breaking the law.  Tears fall down his face as he points across the room to wear the family is hiding.

What would I have done?  When I see things like this or hear stories like the ones in Jesus Freaks I really do wonder what I would do.  I would love to say that I know exactly what I would do and that I would do it with grace, but the truth is that I don’t know.  I hope that I will never be in those kinds of situations, but if I ever am, I pray that I would stand up for what is right and do it with grace.


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