Though I said I would not finish it anytime soon, I did pick up The Shack shortly after my last post and almost immediately came across this statement which is so perfectly applicable to my life right now,

Mack, Jesus, Papa and Sarayu have just finished breakfast and are coming to the end of a long conversation where Mack says this:

“I just can’t imagine any final outcome that would justify all this”

“Mackenzie.”  Papa rose out of her chair and walked around the table to give him a big squeeze.  “We’re not justifying it.  We are redeeming it.” [emphasis added]

Several chapters later, after Mack walks on water with Jesus and visits with the personification of God’s wisdom, Mack and Papa have another conversation:

“Mack, just because I work incredible good out of unspeakable tragedies doesn’t mean I orchestrate the tragedies.  Don’t ever assume that my using something means I caused it or that I need it to accomplish my purposes.  That will only lead you to false notions about me.  Grace doesn’t depend on suffering to exist, but where there is suffering you will find grace in many facets and colors.”



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