Yay!  I am done!  I finished the last of Emma‘s 418 pages last night and am sooo glad!  I love the story, but sometimes you’re just ready to be done with it already.

As I was reading I kept comparing the book to the movie of the same name with Gwyneth Paltrow.  Now, the movie is one of my favorites and I can watch it again and again and I had never read the book until now.  I usually very strongly dislike movie adaptations of Jane Austen’s work but actually thought that this one was done well, probably because I saw the movie first.

Anyway, the book was excellent, if a little lengthy and certainly the most lighthearted of Austen’s works.  I felt that the movie did a better job of developing Mr. Knightley’s character, probably because he was in the movie in greater proportion than the book.  Frank Churchill’s character, though, was more prominent in the book than the movie.

I found it very interesting that Austen wrote Emma with the intention that the main character would be liked by no one but herself because Emma is actually very likable.  In the beginning of the story, she is superficial, childish, snobby, and pretentious, but by the end she has developed into a woman of great character (well… if not great than at least much better).

All in all a good read, though I won’t be picking it up again too soon… it’s really long!

Next up is The Shack.


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