Wealthy Eyes

My eyes must be independently wealthy and of retirement age.  Why do I feel this way?  Because they take frequent vacations.  I realized this as I was trying to read Emma just a few minutes ago and found it very difficult for my eyes to focus on the print in front of me or the clock ten feet away.

I started going to see an acupuncturist a little over a month ago and am really enjoying it.  I love learning about how old Chinese medicine is and how it still works.  Our bodies are “beautifully and wonderfully made” and it is incredible to see how they can work so well with just a few little tweaks and pricks.  I’m really hoping that Dr. Visconti can help my eyes; I do not want to have to use steroid drops long term and risk glaucoma.


2 thoughts on “Wealthy Eyes

  1. Hi there-I was diagnosed with the thygesons as well. And the doc just said it was scratched up eyes and sent me on my way-what kind of doctor doesn’t explain things?! So I never looked it up…duh…and in the meanwhile have been trying to figure out ways to make the burning stop. So I went to an acupuncturist who is third generation in the practice of Chinese medicine. And I have to say that the herbs she gives me are the ONLY thing that that helps my burning eyes. I take them 3 times a day…as I continue to try to make this disease go away…I can’t except that this is permanent…I was just interested to see someone else trying acupuncture. Thanks for your post, R.

    • I hope that you are able to go into remission and I’m glad that Chinese medicine has been helpful! I’m fortunate that after battling Thygesen’s for several years, I am now in remission. I know that it can come back, but I sure am enjoying being able to see clearly! Thanks for your comment!

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