Brynn Update

Her brother sent out a message this morning saying that Brynn had a cardiac cath today, and is going to get a PICC in her arm (a long term IV) for some medications.  He also said that when Brynn first came into the hospital, her left ventricle was performing at about 10% (I’m assuming he’s talking about ejection fraction here) and the cardiologist said that her heart is now functioning normally!!!!  (Current ejection fraction is 61%, anything above 55% is normal)  He said that she is still weak after lying flat on her bed motionless for over a week, but is working with a physical therapist to help her regain strength.  She will be on some cardiac meds for the long haul and will have her defibrillator put in in about a week.  She is doing great!!!!  Praise God for still working miracles!


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