Brynn’s Progress

God is SO good!!!

From husband, Joey-9/2 1:30 update: I had to step out of Brynn’s room for a few mins while they performed a minor procedure to relocated the IV catheter from her leg to her arm, this will reduce the risk on infection. Brynn has remained strong, her heart has shown a few small signs of strengthening. Even though her heart is being assisted by a the balloon, I praise God that it is stable. The doctors are working to get Brynn the perfect antibiotics to fight the pneumonia. Her BP med and sedation meds are continually being reduced. We are also looking for to reduce the ventilator till she is breathing without any assistance. Those are the praises! I know that God has the ability to completely take away the pneumonia and strengthen her heart to its full capacity, thats what I have been in constant prayer for. Also pray that God will give her peace and comfort that only comes from Him.

From father, Skip Fengfish- Brynn had a good night. We need to praise God for the strength He has given her so far. We are working on weening her from the vent and she isoff 1 BP med and on less pain med. She has been awake more & writing questions to us. Please pray that God gives her a peace that only comes from Him, continues to heal her of the pneumonia and strengthen her heart! God is great and He will be glorified!

4pm from mom, Pamela-I wish I could hug each of you and personally tell you how much I appreciate your prayers, words of encouragement and love. It means SO VERY MUCH to all of us. Brynn is stable today and resting right now. (She actually got to have a short visit with Eli yesterday which did her a world of good.) Please keep praising God and praying for her recovery. THANK YOU!!!

From Ross-‎9/2 7pm – If you would like to send anything to Brynn and the family here is the address: VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) Hospital, 1250 E Marshall Street, Building D, 10th Floor Cardio-Intensive ICU, Room 126, Richmond, Virginia – They are taking her off the sedation slowly and she will be more aware throughout the next few days, I know she will love to see how much everyone loves her. Thank God, she hasn’t remembered anything that has happened so far. She has short-term memory loss right now, I think that is a blessing. So when she wakes she’ll be better than when she arrived and she won’t know the difference. Thank you for all your prayers, keep praying, praying, praying!! God is performing miracle after miracle! We serve such an awesome God. Brynn is on the right road. The head surgeon came by this morning and said he’s still waiting “if she’s getting better, we’re waiting” I know that is God hands at work!


One thought on “Brynn’s Progress

  1. It is so awesome to see the unity of believers as we pray and to see how God answers our prayers! Thank God for the technology that so readily informs us of each others’ needs!

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