Today’s Updates

Here are the updates on Brynn for today:

Appr. 1500:  Brynn will have surgery tomorrow to replace the lower half of her heart with an artificial heart. This is meant to give her a few months while they find a heart donor for a full replacement. Without this surgery tomorrow, her heart was expected to only last 48-72 hours.

A little later:

Head surgeon came in and said he’s not quite convinced to go forward with surgery tmrw yet. Wants to monitor a little longer. Original urgency was bc they had to raise bp meds last night. Today have been able to lower meds so that removed some urgency. Doc not convinced to go forward but is not saying they won’t either yet. Just wants more data (as this surgery is drastic). Just got text from Joey saying she does have pneumonia so pls keep praying.  They had talked this morning about doing surgery tomorrow to replace bottom half of heart with pumps to do the work of her heart for her. That was a step to prepare for transplant. They decided to hold and get more data first. Doctors will be meeting to discuss again this afternoon/evening.
5pm: We’ve been waiting for doctors to decide if she needs a transplant or not, because there is still hope that her heart may be able to get stronger. We found out today that she also has pneumonia due to complications from the CPR she received on Sunday. Please pray that God strengthens her heart and that He heals the pneumonia asap because if a transplant becomes necessary, it won’t be possible as long as the pneumonia is still present.
Appr. 1830: We were having a conversation with Joey about 30 minutes ago and He shared to us what God revealed to him. We should be focusing on all the positives: Except for her heart, her entire body including her brain is perfect! Everything works just like it’s supposed to. Yes she has pneumonia but that comes and goes. So with that taken care of it’s just her heart. It is a big thing, but her heart is getting a little better, she’s being weened off of the meds and her BP and HR are steady. The doctors would like to keep monitoring her, they aren’t sold on a transplant yet and want to wait on making a decision. Praise God for these doctors! They are doing an incredible job. Keep Praying!

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