Here are the updates from throughout today:

0700: Just got word that the doctors decided to begin the warming up process again in two hours. PLEASE PRAY that Brynn will not have another heart failure episode!

Shortly after 0700:

The hardest thing to balance in Brynn’s body is keeping her blood pressure high enough and her heart rate low enough. If they change the meds for one, it affects the other … negatively. Right now, bp is good, heart rate is a little high.

1500: UPDATE: just got off the phone with Joey. Brynn is doing well and EEG shows no sign of seizures. Within the next 24 hours doctors and family will have to make important decisions on what’s best for Brynn (i.e. pacemakers, heart transplant…) please do not grow weary in praying. Joey wants us all to pray for her heart to be strengthened.  Joey is blown away by all the support, encouragement and prayers. He told me that he has received phone calls and texts from individuals he does not know telling him that they are praying for Brynn. Thanks you for standing beside them during this time. Continue to lift joey up in prayer also. He was able to sleep last night and is now eating but still needs the Lord to strengthen him.

1730: NEW UPDATE!! Brynn has been undergoing the warming up process for the last 7 hours. The doctors are very encouraged by her progress. She is currently in between sleep and being awake. She is responsive to people talking with her. Her eyes are open and she is very aware that we are here. She is doing great! Please pass this along


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