Flu Shot

This is why I wont be getting the flu vaccine this year.  In previous years I have always received the vaccine because I was uninformed and I work with a high risk population.

Last year I received the annual flu vaccine but refused the H1N1 because it was too unstudied and there were too many people who had too many ill effects.  When the infectious disease people at my hospital discovered that a large number of people were refusing H1N1, they sent people down (on our lunch break) to try to guilt trip us into getting it by saying that if a preemie were to get the flu, it would definitely kill them and all kinds of other things.  While it is true that the flu would kill a preemie, if I am a responsible person who does not go to work when sick then no baby will get sick as a result of me.

All this to say, I’m not getting the flu shot this year… I’ll be loading up on vitamin D.


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