I Want to Get Away!

I wanted to get away… so I did!

Because Andrew starts school next week, I wanted to have one last time away, just the two of us, before he hits the books hard care and we have very little time together.  I decided to surprise him… just because.  All that he knew was that we were going to spend the day together.  It was killing him that he knew nothing else.  Seriously, he was very whiny while we were driving.

Anyway, we finally arrived at Melbourne Beach and it was a beautiful day!

Gorgeous Day

I ended up telling him that we were going to the beach about twenty minutes before we arrived, just to appease his curiosity.  When I was looking for a place to park I saw the bed and breakfast just across the street and distracted Andrew from seeing it.  After we were all set up, I asked him if we knew what was just across the street, he replied that he had not.  So I told him.  He was very excited, especially since he was a little disappointed that we had driven over an hour just to go to the beach.  I was very proud of myself, simply because this is the first time that I had successfully kept a surprise from him in our five year relationship.

We had a lovely time and I’m sure that we will go back again… although next time we’ll be sure to apply sunscreen before we get in the car so that we don’t end up splotchy red.


3 thoughts on “I Want to Get Away!

  1. Fun fun! What a great idea Erin! I am seriously going to have steal ideas from you haha… After working until after 9 every day this week… I want to get away! lol..

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