I was watching The View this morning to see Bethenny Frankel and within 1 minute, Joy Behar ticked me off.  Bethenny made a comment that no one told her that breastfeeding was difficult and Joy immediately scoffed, “No, it isn’t!”  Well, as one who has never breastfed but who has helped many… Yes, Joy, breastfeeding can be very difficult.  Ask the countless mothers of preemies who fight to keep their supply up while being away from their children for most of the day, working moms who have to pump at work, and women with lactation consultants who aren’t worth their salt; I could go on and on.  Breastfeeding is hard work!!!!  It does not come easily to everyone!

Here is a link to the clip… you have to wait through an ad first, though.


One thought on “Breastfeeding

  1. Yes, it is hard. Even if your baby does great, it’s a lot to get used to being the sole provider of a human’s nutrition. It’s worth the work though!! So so so worth it.

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