So.  We’re not going to run that 5k after all.  It’s in two very short weeks and we are both way out of shape.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do it next year.

I decided that I am going back to school; I’ve been thinking about going back for over a year now, but it took me a while to decide what I wanted to do.  I was tossing around the idea of going to chiropractic school, but then after looking at the tuition and average starting salary, I decided that was not my best option.  I ended up settling on going back to become a neonatal nurse practitioner.  The program is at UF and takes about two years going part-time.  I am planning on starting next fall and am really excited!  I have to start studying for the GRE and hope to take it in just a few months.

I won’t lie, I’m nervous about having both of us in school at once.  I’m also nervous about what this means for our plans for having children…  Will we have to delay?  Will I be able to stay at home with them?  I have no idea!  At this moment I am content to trust the One who gave me these desires and let Him work it out.


2 thoughts on “So.

  1. Erin,

    All I can say is that you aren’t the only one out there with those types of concerns. I am 3 classes away from having my masters degree and I can’t finish because I don’t live in FL anymore and grad classes don’t transfer. I have thought about going back to school and getting a grad degree in theology (but like the master of arts in theology which is a shorter time frame). I also thought about getting my PhD in accounting.. but then I had to rearrange my head to remember that I eventually wanted to be a stay at home mom and me doing that may not really accomplish my goal. Good thing for you is that nursing is so much easier to apply to “mom-hood” than accounting (especially since I don’t work in individual taxation). Anyway… I just know the feeling right now so many people in my bible study have kids and I wonder when I will be able to have kids and not work like i am working now.. but then again I want to put Ivan through grad school but with the house payment etc.. it is just tough.. Congrats on the decision though.. I am sure that God will bless it.. as He does everything that is in His will. 🙂

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