Dream Vacation

There are any number of vacations that would like to go on, countries I would like to visit and places I want to see.  I would love to travel through Europe and really spend a lot of time there seeing all of the historical sights and enjoying the culture.  Andrew wants to go back to Turkey, and I would like to go, too, but I’d rather include Turkey as a stop on a Mediterranean cruise 🙂  The cruise would probably be my real dream vacation, but, alas, we will not be going on one anytime soon.

While I dream of that cruise, I’m planning another vacation as well, though I don’t know that it will actually be any less expensive.  You may know that my parents have family out west and that I love visiting them; in fact, I would probably live there.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit almost every year since I graduated from high school, but I have never been able to see much outside of the Portland area.  The West Coast has so much to offer… Napa Valley, the Pacific Ocean, Seattle, Vancouver, mountains, whitewater rafting, hiking, etc., etc., and I intend to see all of it.  You see, my little plan involves spending some time in San Francisco and then head north to Napa and take in the sights and going on some tours of the wine country.  We’ll make a little detour to the Sequoia National Forest on our way up north to Klamath Falls and a few other national parks.  We will then spend a few days visiting family in Eugene and Portland before checking out a stop or two on the Oregon trail and progressing further north to Seattle.  After spending a few days in the Emerald City we will move toward Canada and the great city of Vancouver.  On my dream trip this would all culminate in an Alaskan cruise.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?


4 thoughts on “Dream Vacation

  1. Ivan and I really want to go to Italy.. and there is this one cruise that goes from Italy to Ephesus… It is kind of a dream cruise.. I think it is 20 days or something like that. We went to Paris this last March.. and despite the fact that practically hate french food and culture, it was “ok”.

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