As I was taking Harrison on a walk today, I started thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions.  Here we are, one-third of the way through the year, and what I have I done to make this year different from last?

In case you don’t remember (and I had to look them up), these were my resolutions for this year:

  • Be the same person to everyone—authentic
  • Mean what I say and say what I mean
  • Minimize the negativity
  • Love Jesus more
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt
  • Extend the hand of grace to those that I don’t particularly like

Now, I don’t know why I created unmeasurable goals for myself.  I learned in nursing school that in order to actually achieve a goal, you have to make them measurable and it helps to create a plan to meet them.  I mean, I can say that I am working toward these goals, but what proof do I really have?  Honestly, I think that I was trying to take the easy way out.

What actually brought these things to mind today was the health care bill; I was thinking about how my views on it have changed and continue to be molded with each passing day and with each new thing I learn.  I think it’s very–funny is not the right word—but interesting how my political views have changed since I was in high school and even in the last year.  People say that you usually think about religion and politics the way that your parents do, and while that may largely be true, I hope and believe that I have grown a little bit beyond that and have discovered truths in both subjects on my own.

With these things in mind, I would like to set some new resolutions for this next third of the year:

  • Learn about political happenings through reliable sources—taking into consideration the views of those I interact with daily—but taking my facts from the horse’s (or donkey’s) mouth.
  • Make further steps toward running a greener and more organic household more cost effectively.  For instance, commit to spending at least one hour a week looking for coupons for products that I buy regularly that are also good for the environment and my body, as well as look for ways to reduce energy consumption in my home.
  • Further commit to making my body a temple for the Holy Spirit.  Yes, He dwells in me already, but I would like for Him to have a home that is not clogged with cholesterol and other toxins.  I will eat organic meat and produce when available, as well as spend at least 30 minutes in physical activity on my days off, and take the stairs when I am working.  I would also like to do at least one cleanse (anyone know of any good ones?).
  • Keep in mind my “old” resolutions and work toward being the best representation of Christ that I can possibly be… only through His strength.

3 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. That’s great Erin! do you know about the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” when it comes to organic produce?

  2. Have you every checked out This article from the middle of march is posted on their homepage right now:

    A Final Weekend of Whoppers?
    Health care legislation could be heading toward the final showdown. We look at the biggest falsehoods of the recent debate.

    I like this site a lot and they are very non-biased. They even post after most presidential speeches and pull apart what is “fact” and what is not quite fact.


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