Possibility of Hope

I had a conversation on Monday that renewed my hope… maybe not renewed hope… but at least gave me a sliver of hope regarding this new health care bill.  Being a pretty conservative person, and not much for reading hundreds upon hundreds of pages of legaleese, I only knew what was told to me about this bill, and what I heard I did not like.  I did not like hearing that if you need a routine procedure like a pap smear, or an MRI for a non-emergent something or other (i.e. my spinal tumor), your wait times would be ridiculous.  I also heard that Obama would have direct access to your bank account, that NICU would suffer from lack of funding, that the government would dictate quality of life and end of life decisions.  I could go on and on.  I’m not saying that any of these things are true or not, but I am saying that I am done taking my information from heresay.

I read this and felt a little bit better.  He explained the taxes a little bit more clearly, and although I still say families who make $250k are not wealthy and that tax brackets need some serious updating, it makes a little bit more sense.  I also read something that Casey posted about the health care bill offering some benefits to breastfeeding/pumping mothers, and while that portion still has a way to go, I am grateful for the added protection it offers.

Another myth (?) that has been perpetuated is that people in other countries (France, Canada, England, etc.) have horrible healthcare systems that are not working, but after talking to an English person this week, I found this to be untrue.

This whole thing is so confusing and hits close to home.  What I’d really like is for someone who is truly unbiased to summarize what is really going to happen.


2 thoughts on “Possibility of Hope

  1. I’m glad you are done going off hearsay Erin. It’s a very mature thing to do to actually seek out the real information and not one skewed side or the other.

    I’m going to have to disagree with you about the wealthy families thing. 250k is very wealthy in terms of what the average family makes.

  2. I posted a link from AP (Associated Press) and part of the article on my facebook about some of the negatives of the bill. You really should read it.. there are some serious tax problems with it and it is going to really jack up the prices of prescriptions… It scares me because I am on asthma medication and birth control, both of which are already sooooo expensive per month.

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