Disrespect and Disagreeing

I will be the first to say that I do not like most of President Obama’s policies and that I am certainly not a fan of his, but I hope that I have more decency and respect for the office that he holds than to suggest that he should be assassinated as a result of the passage of the health care bill.

There were many comments on Facebook this morning, both happy and unhappy, regarding this bill. Personally, I am none too thrilled with the passage, but when I saw a comment that suggested the White House be bombed or a bullet be put in our President’s head, I really had to restrain myself.

Put on your big girl/boy panties/underwear and show some respect for the office that this man holds. He has a really hard job, and no, you don’t have to like him, but you do have to be a grown up.

And, P.S. if you’re a Christ follower, you are mandated to honor his authority and pray for him!


3 thoughts on “Disrespect and Disagreeing

  1. Hey girl! I didn’t know you had a blog! I love me some bloggin’! I have to say that i agree with you entirely. It’s a hard line to walk to respectfully disagree with the man but still respect the office, and yet we are charged by God to do so!

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