Would you like to know what is wrong with my eyes and why they have been taking frequent vacations?  Yes?  Good, because I am about to tell you.  It appears (haha!) that I have Thygeson’s disease which affects a person’s vision and is thought to be an autoimmune disease.  Some websites say that it can randomly go into remission, but there’s no telling when or if that will happen.  A lot of people have eye pain and severe photophobia as well as loss of vision; fortunately, I only have loss of vision and intermittent photophobia.  I have to use steroid drops four times a day in both eyes, as well as artificial tears.  It’s really not so bad now that my vision is almost back to normal (huge improvement from a week ago), but one of the side effects of long term steroid drop use is glaucoma, which is something that I definitely don’t want… but at the moment there is no end in sight for the drops.

Anywho… that’s what’s going on with my eyes.


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