Saying Goodbye

Today was Summer’s funeral.  I honestly didn’t know how it would go or what to expect.  When I arrived I said hello to the parents, as well as my coworkers who came and made every effort to avoid looking at her.  I just didn’t want to see her yet; I was afraid of what she would look like.  I finally went up to the front and she looked so different.  She looked like a doll… but a strange doll.

The waterworks didn’t really start until after the funeral was over and I stood at her casket with my coworkers saying goodbye to our sweet girl.  She fought so hard for so long and had been through so much.  I just wish that I had been able to see her one more time when she was at home.

To all of you who prayed for me and for her family, thank you so much.  Healing is beginning, but it’s a long process.


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